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Feel in your skin

Don't let leaks make life even harder.

Fits Teen Life

Fits your Lifestyle

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Your Social Life

You have a gathering with your friends and that cute guy you have been eyeing is going to be there. But oh no... you started your period and feel like the world is crashing. Deep breath... Pull up your PJ undies and stop worrying, they won't leave you feeling out of place.


Teenagers in Park

Stylish designs

Hands Raised

School Life

You started your time of the month and it sucks! You don't want to go to school and just stay in bed all day. We understand it's not easy to deal but you have to push through because school is important. What if we told you we could at least ease the burden. These undies will help with leaks and help you feel confident throughout the day.  


Concealing Gusset

Girls Lacing Up Their Ballet Shoes

Reliable Protection

Your Extra Activities

Oh man... you tell us your extra activities outside a swimming pool and we will tell you why these will be useful. In a nutshell, They comfy, low profile and offer protection incase of an unexpected early or late start to your period. A great idea for practice, commitment or competition. No more unexpected blushing.


Stylish designs

Puurfect for everyday use

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Designed for your comfort

Designed for use with the work lifestyle. Whether at the office, Running around externally or performing for an audience. These undies will keep your comfortable and dry for the unexpected day or two early cycles or slight incontinence. Saving you from a possibly blushing situations. Say hello to your safety net.

The things you want

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Fit Girls
Online Study

"Your secret weapon to teen life!"

Why they love it!

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"I had a fabulous experience. It kept everything dry and comfy."

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