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Sprint Runner


So you're a performer, that's cool! Performing is a fun but stressful on the body. Last thing you would want is that stress to trigger your cycle prematurely. Especially when you Infront of a crowd and not prepared. Well we got you covered! 


Stylish designs

Stretching Fitness

Gym Junkies

Time to chase some gains! You pull on your favorite lifting tights but at the back of your mind you feel like they a bit too revealing, especially when you pumped and they stretch a bit more... well not only are these undies safety net but the gusset also serves to conceal the C@mel Toe. you know what we mean. Get your confidence on in your favs!


Concealing Gusset

No more Camel Toe

Woman Riding a Horse

Reliable Protection

Active hobbies

Oh man... you tell us your hobby outside a swimming pool and we will tell you why these will be useful. In a nutshell, They comfy, low profile and offer protection incase of an unexpected early or late start to your period. A great idea for practice, commitment or competition. 


Stylish designs

Puurfect for everyday use

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Designed for your comfort

Designed for use with the work lifestyle. Whether at the office, Running around externally or performing for an audience. These undies will keep your comfortable and dry for the unexpected day or two early cycles or slight incontinence. Saving you from a possibly blushing situations. Say hello to your safety net.

The things you want

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Ready to Run
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Women Golfers
Horse Riding Class
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Outdoor Tennis Court
Boxing Session
Fit Woman
Pulling Rope
Gymnast with Hula Hoop
Woman in Casual Clothing

"Fits into your Active lifestyle, go get your gains!

Why they love it!

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"I had a fabulous experience. It kept everything dry and comfy."

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