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Don't let leaks and uncertainty ruin your confidence

Fits your lifestyle

Fits your Lifestyle

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Lounging at home

Out & About

Extroverted or just enjoy being out and about? These are your companion to coffee meets, shopping trips and anything in between. Padded gusset with a 40ml absorption ensures you stay safe and leak free all day!

House chores, running around after the kids or just lazing around in your comfort zone. These stylish & comfy undies are your here to make your life easier. So just kick back and relax, no more boxers!



Girls in a Bar

Social & Outgoing

Enjoying your social life but hate every time that time of the month comes, leaving you ever so slightly discouraged to wear your best outfits and ever so awkward standing up with the fear of leakage. Time to let go and have some fun! Stylish, comfortable and confident. These undies are your safety net and will save you from blushing situations.


Stylish designs

Concealing Gusset

Reliable Protection

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Designed for your comfort

Designed for use with the everyday lifestyle. Whether at home, going out to socials or just popping out for shopping or coffee with a friend. These undies will keep your comfortable and dry For the unexpected day or two early cycles or slight incontinence. Saving you from a possibly blushing situation.

Stylish designs

Puurfect for everyday use

The things you want

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"Your companion to everyday life, whatever you do."

Why they love it!

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"I had a fabulous experience. It kept everything dry and comfy."

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