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The PJ’s Journey…
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Pam Becker
Founder & CEO

This started after my incredible journey of personal growth and gratitude after having experienced and survived breast cancer. The support and love shown from family and friends has been a wonderful uplifting and heart-warming experience, which has enabled me to render emotional and physical support to others that are still suffering. Having spent a lot of time in different hospitals and other medical institutions during my fight against cancer, I also started becoming aware of the exorbitant cost of disposables and the impact that they are having on our planet.

During my recovery, whilst spending a lot more time observing my aging parents with regards illness and medication, I became increasingly aware of the indignity and limitations imposed by their urinary incontinence on their lives. However there was a lack of incontinence care options available in the market and the more I investigated, the more I realised this was not only affecting senior citizens, but people from all walks of life, young and old and with a variety of issues ranging from medications, illness, medical conditions, surgical complications and pregnancy.

My feelings of helplessness in not being able to help my loved ones, was the catalyst that prompted my journey to provide a reliable and sustainable solution to genuinely help other incontinence sufferers. And so, the concept of “PJs Undies ” was born and was formed around my vision of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, to provide reusable and functional underwear that offers an effective solution to the indignity and limitations presented by the affliction of incontinence, as well as providing a long term cost saving. But I didn’t want it to stop there, because PJs is about something so much more. We needed to incorporate an element of style into our range of products, so not only will we help our clients to lead normal lives, but they must feel sexy and confident while they do so.”

We believe everyone should be treated with respect and understanding regardless of “labels” or status placed upon them by society , no matter if you are the coffee maker or CEO , they all have valuable lessons to impart and from which we can learn.

Surrounded by my amazing family and loving rescue animals, I want the compassion and love I carry within, to be transmitted and felt by every valuable customer of ours.

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Our mission is to give people suffering from a variety of incontinence issues back their dignity, their independence and their quality of life.  Once outgoing and independent people who have lost their freedom and suffer insecurity and embarrassment due to this condition who deserve to have their lives back. Our heart’s desire is to restore to these folks that which they have lost as well as giving them back their confidence and peace of mind through a quality and reliable product.


Our vision is to empower people with incontinence issues & menstral cycles to live a fulfilled life and enjoy everyday without the worry about whether their body is going to behave in an unexpected way or not.  

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