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 Suffering during your periods or just from incontinence? Well we understand that can impact your confidence to get $**T done. You in for a pleasant surprise because these undies are not only what they appear to be! 

We are your

Confident Curvy Woman

It's not just under wear, it's a lifestyle.

confidence, certainty and comfort

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Love Life Collection

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Period Panties


Period Panties

Active Life

Period Panties

Successful Teenagers

Period Panties

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Incontinence Underwear

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Incontinence Underwear

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Empowering individuals to regain their 

confidence, freedom and independence

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Layered for best
protection & comfort

Our PJ Undies collection is designed from the ground up with ladies needs in mind. 

We have refined the gusset to provide the best absorption but also retain a minimal profile. This matched with classic or sassy designs resulting in a regular looking underwear but extra ordinary functionality.

Suitable for everyday life, a safe zone at work or a safety net around your passions & active lifestyle.

We've got you covered

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Girl Power

Designed for Life, Puuurfect for any occassion... 

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Regain your dignity

"Put on your smile
and live it up!"

Why they love it!

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"I had a fabulous experience. It kept everything dry and comfy."

Take back the power of now

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We understand it's difficult to enjoy life while suffering from incontinence.
Time to change that!

Incontinence is a thing of the past

"Confidence is key"
Whether out & about, at work or in the gym. It's important to be prepared for the unexpected.

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A few words from our Founder & CEO

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This started after my incredible journey of personal growth and gratitude after having experienced and survived breast cancer. The support and love shown from family and friends has been a wonderful uplifting and heart-warming experience, which has enabled me to render emotional and physical support to others that are still suffering.


Having spent a lot of time in different hospitals and other medical institutions during my fight against cancer, I also started  becoming aware of the exorbitant cost of disposables and the impact that they are having on our planet...


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